My first time nude in public wasn’t meant to be public. I was a young man about 18 years old, and had enjoyed

being nude for several years – but only when I was alone.
This summerday, I went to a distant beach, and walked to a remote area and stripped naked. I was laying down, and reading a novel, when a girl – about 30 years old and nudist family sex -6 year old child came walking.
I was brought up with the idea, that nudity was OK for girls, but that a man without clothing was awful or offending. So I was fearful, the woman should be angry, when she saw that I was naked. So I was very very surprised, when she chose to put her towel just 5 meters away from me, when there were lots of other areas to picked.
She wore a bathing suit and lay down to read, without paying much attention to me. I was laying still on my stomach wondering how to mowe, without giving her a view of . After a while, the kid started playing with a ball and trying to get me interested in the ball. The mom asked if I was bothered by the kid, and I denied.

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It really isn’t simple to play ball, when you’re lying on your stomach, so after a while, I gave up my modesty, and sat up, playing ball with the child. As I sat there, with legs apart, the woman could see everything, but that didn’t offend her. She smiled at me, and was obviously pleased, that I amused her kid.
That day I discovered, that some women aren’t violated by a naked guy, and the experience gave me the kick to start being naked, also when not alone.

Gunnison Beach – 6 A.M.I grew up in a dwelling where nudity was no big deal.

We sometimes would swim naked in our fairly private backyard, and nudity in the house was, although not encouraged, surely not frowned on either.

As an adult there was never much chance to revisit those carefree moments of childhood. I traveled a good bit with my work and learned of the sanctioned nude beach at Sandy Hook, NJ.

Eventually I was in that place immediately and took the chance to visit the beach before beginning my work day. I got to the beach sometime around 6 a.m. and the shore was deserted and chilly. I sat in my clothes on the sand and watched the sun come up. About 7:30 it got warm enough to take my clothing away and enjoy the sun, the sound of the surf and the wind.

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By then a few early risers had come to the shore, but it was still largely deserted. I only had an hour or so on the shore before I had to start my day.

I enjoyed the sense of being nude in nature so much that I went back to the shore after my appointments were finished and enjoyed the remaining part of the day on the much more crowded shore, watching the sun go down before I left. At no time did I feel uncomfortable being naked in the business of other bare folks. Maybe becoming a little used to it in before the crowds came helped a bit, but I consider that should you approach nudism from the right standpoint it isn’t a sexually charged encounter and so there is really nothing to be uncomfortable about. When you have not attempted it yet, I’d encourage you to give it a try. Its absolutely amazing.

I’ve since been back to the shore many times and joined a nonlanded club where we have been able to enjoy day trips to landed clubs in the area. It is all amazing but my favorite venue is still the beach with its surf and sand!

-Ryan N.
Baltimore, Maryland
Waited Too Long

My whole adult life thus far has been subjected to rules designed to stop embarrassment to the “company.” I’ve needed to play by everyone else’s rules. Well for the first time I chose to take my first step of “freedom” and took a trip to Haulover Beach. WOW! What a sense alleviation! To be there, with all those lovely people who had no care what others thought of them…and there I was with them. How wonderful it was to feel the sun on my whole body. Swimming in the ocean with no confinement of a swimsuit. So pleasing. I can’t wait for my next visit. Unfortunately, here in Miami there are not any clothes optional communities, so I am planning a vacation to one in Central Florida. I can not wait. I am so thrilled with my new found life.

Miami, Florida
First time at nudist camp!

I was told about nude camp. Was interested! Didn’t go the very first year but the next I did go. What a freeing experience! I joined AANR the very next week and this year became an Associate member! I love it so much that I do proudly say I’m a nudist!

-Deb S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The possibility of visiting a nudist club fell into my lap out of the blue. In those days I was dating my wife Claudia, but we had not taken a step forward. were just building up the friendship in those days. Then out of a blue I was having tea at her place, when her mother entered. Shortly we got acquainted, then her mother mom asked me if I would like to join her and Claudia over the weekend at a nude resort. I found myself saying YES.All she advised me was to feel friendly with everyone.

The next Saturday morning we were on our way. When we reached there, all I can say it was a nude woods, but very well preserved.

Shortly they both got there, clothes away as if it was normal routine. I too needed to take off. I was shy a bit, but to my astonishment no one bothered to look at me. Claudia’s mother, seeing me hesitating a bit, offered to show me the resort. I was surprised to see naked ladies/ women playing volleyball, other sports and swimming with nude guys. Not only this but men taking photos of their family in nude. This made me feel comfortable.

All I can declare is it was a greatest weekend I ever had. I felt healthy, and noticed that I ‘d developed more self-confidence. Now My wife and I are regular members of that resort. We’ve made many friends there. I suggest to all people around the world take a rest and give your life an opportunity to transform.

Bochum, Armed forces Europe, Middle East, Africa, Canada
Finest car ride ever

I consider my first time encounter to be when my(then future) wife and I were taking a road trip to Canada. It was in 1989 and we were driving up Interstate 81 through New York. It turned out to be a lovely day. My wife was driving the car and we had the windows down. We were both merely enjoying the ride and the attractive landscape that was passing by and I started to get the feeling that I was wearing an excessive amount of clothes so I kicked off my shoes and got out of my top.

We drove along for a little while longer and I started slipping my pants away. My wife looked at me and asked, “what are you really doing?” I told her I was getting comfy. Not long after that I slipped out of my undies, and was cruising up Interstate 81 naked as a Jay bird.

It was amazing! My wife thought I was crazy. I think she still does but she’s stuck with me for almost 20 years.

Now I recognize that was not a group nudist encounter but it was the first time that I declared myself a person who likes to be nude. I do have to likewise include that that car ride was the very best memory I have of that excursion.


Initially that I was totally nude in public

, with strangers I did not know about, my loving husband and I were on vacation. We’d wake up very early, before dawn, to be able to jog on the sandy shores while they were still deserted.
We’d finished jogging on the seashore, and halted in a secluded cove close to the resort. There, we took off our clothes and walked into the ocean. At that time, 6.00 am, the shore was left, the sea, level and cold. There was a big rock reef on the sand, 40 feet inland from the shoreline, where we left our clothing.
We were enjoying our early bath when we heard a yell. We looked up and what we saw was of people standing on the shoreline. A number of them were already in the water and coming toward us!
They were largely teens, of both genders, but chiefly males. They had ridden bicycles from a closeby town, to be able to spend a day or two at the shore by themselves. They had brought their food and they were going to camp among the trees along the shore. It was quite clear they were settling in to stay a great while.
We did not understand what to do! The police made their rounds at 7:30 and we could be fined or even worse, arrested for our public nudity. A number of them came to us and as soon they realized I was naked, they got closer. They couldn’t believe it!
At first I was embarassed, but we started talking and the ice began to melt down. One of them asked me if I was shy. I was, but I said “no”.

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He phoned to his pals, “Hey, come and see this,” and more came. I found I was starting to appreciate it. Maybe I was the first woman they saw naked. I like to believe so in my secret fantacies.
It was ten minutes before 7:00. We had been in the water a number of years and we were chilly. My nipples were erect and protruding. The group was waiting for us to leave the water. And we left. I will never forget the look of anticipation and awe I saw on their faces.
When I found myself standing on the sand, bare, in the front of them, my shyness flew away. They were respecting me… and I really appreciated being beaches nude for them!
We had time before the authorities came on their rounds to move into the trees and we remained with them. No one got upset or angry. Nudity was something new to them and they were fascinated.
We discussed standing, sitting and lying on the sand for a while, drying our bodies and shooting sun. They asked a lot of questions: Where are you from? Where do you live? Are you shameless? Do you do this on a regular basis? I was totally relaxed and I entirely exposed my nude body to them.
One asked if he could shoot pictures and he did. He took pictures of the group, some of whom had drop their very own clothing. He photographed my husband and I both alone and jointly. We gave him our postal address and money to send the images and we were pleasantly suprised when they really arrived.
My first public total nudity was a lovely experience… I will never forget it. We met the group again after that day and stayed until sundown. The following morning my husband and I, nude, bathed, talked and joked with them again. The following morning when we got up, I was saddened to see they had gone.

I am an early twenties, somewhat captivating English

free nude beach and today spent my first time on a nude beach today.
The shore was part of a larger garments-required beach, but was segregated by a sizable rock embankment. Anyhow the day before I Had seen it and thought ‘Why not? Can’t knock it ’till you have tried it. Get a bit of all over sunning’
So now at about noon I get to the beach in shirt and short pants. Absoultely terrified via this point I put the towel, stipped away and sprayed upward a little. I had brought a book to maintain me distracted although I was somewhat perplexed at how ordinary it all was. I was naked, and nobody cared! I immediately started feel disgust in the folks who were walking through completely clothed to sneak a peek instead of walking around the embankment. One other thing I also found was the age/gender equilibrium. Perhaps I just wasn’t at the proper spot but the area was majoritively composed of males aged 30 and above. I was fairly certain I was the youngest there.
Anyway, through a combination of nerves and being surrounded by nude people a particular organ started to stir. Of course I lay on my stomach, but it would not go away.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

It wasn’t entirely erect, but the form of semi variety that, when lying on your back, it lays to rest facing upwards towards your belly, instead of down towards the feet. After a while lying on my front I gave up the hope it’d go away I turned over with it lying on my stomach, hoping nobody would complain. I only stuck to my novel and discounted it and it did subside somewhat. Did I do the right thing there? mean, at least I wasn’t flaunting it and hopefully it wpon’t occur if I see again.
On that note, I’m not totally sure if it’s my cup of tea. It may have merely been the nerves of the theory, but once I was doing it I was pretty much fine. In future though I would like to take somebody with my instead of going on my own because I found the most comfort and relief was had when talking to others.
So in the end I believe it’s a case of if it’s available I’ll do it, as I don’t see much point in getting tanlines and wet swimwear, but I don’t believe I could subscribe to full time nudism.

A few years ago on a hot July day I made the decision to bypass a day off work and go as a day visitor to a nudist club near to where I was working.

I’d signed in and was only getting my day bag out of the car when a young lady pulled up and asked me if this was the Croft club. I told her she was right and directed her to where she needed to go and register. I went in to the club and settled myself down to take pleasure in the day. Not long after this young lady walked past and family nudism sites began to converse. Shortening the story a little she brought her towel etc and sat beside me. We had a great time chatting away on all things nudist with greater than one break to enjoy the wonderful pool for a cool down.

Late into the day or possibly early evening I decided that I was going to pack up and head for home. I said that I was intending to leave but within half an hour I ‘d be walking nude through the woods. It had become a regular thing with me that on my way home from work or the gym I would stop off at this forest and take a walk in the nude. I kept a set of short pants wit me to cover up if I met anybody which I had done more than once. On hearing that I would be taking a forest walk naked she stated that she would want to join me but she wasn’t planning to leave till late evening when the heat had subsided as she did not have a/c in her car. I told her that if she rearly needed to have a nude woods walk I’d drive her there and back in my car which has a/c. At this she accepted, picked up her handbag as well as a very small sarong and walked to the exit.
We both got into the car nude and drove for about 40 minutes to the forest passing through a little town, stopping at traffic lights the works. Nobody discovered we were both nude. At the forest we parked up near another car, not in the standard car park. We got out of the car and walked off up this course into the forest. She had her little sarong and I had my short pants for cover should we require it. We walked for at least half an hour and just as we were making our way back towards the car we spotted a chap. He had definatly seen that we were naked so I said that there was not point in hiding or for that matter covering up so we didn’t. We chatted to the chap for a couple of minutes and he walked back with us to where we and he’d parked our cars.
There was parked with us and while we were chatting standing by our automobiles we seen a couple on top of the track heading our way. Must be the couple from the 3rd auto. We continued chatting to this chap Kath, the lady, and I nude the chap still dressed when out of the corner of my eye I spotted that this other couple were considerably closer and that they were both bare. When they got up to us they told us that they’d been in the woods nude sunbathing a lot of the afternoon and when they spotted us both nude decided to continue there naked time.
We then made our good byes and got into the vehicle still bare for the return journey to the club. The other couple decided to drive home naked as well.
So all in all I drove for over two hours bare that day.

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It was fantastic.

My history without clothes has been long but rather unpredictable.

As I read in this newsgroup, there are many who have been comfortable with nudity since youth.
That was certainly not possible for me in the very traditional house in which I was raised. I do recall . When I was 13, our family was trailor camping in a forest in the south of England. It turned out to be a wonderful morning and I was up before anyone else. I stepped outside in the dewy morning in my pajamas and discovered a path leading away into the woods. The temptation was too great. Once I was out of sight, I took off all my clothes and ran naked through the forest. It was a fabulous feeling! Regrettably, it was not an experience I could replicate easily. As I grew through my teen years, there clearly was no possibility of being nude at home or in the back yard.
I had to be fulfilled wearing brief knickers and I’d occasionally lie on a towel in the yard.

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My mother wasn’t thrilled, but did not say too much. Some years after, I was married and I recall with great fondness a day when my young bride and I walked naked in a field. It turned out to be a wonderful feeling of freedom, but not one which has been repeated regularly. Through the years, I have visited Wreck Beach once I was visiting Vancouver. There I found people quite open and accepting. Unlike many I ‘ve read around in this newsgroup, I did not have any hesitation about taking off my clothes with strangers. It was a very freeing experience. I recall once lying across a log from a young woman and a couple of young men who were having a dialog.
They were totally normal in the things they discussed although and I were nude. I believed what a great awareness of self confidence each man showed, especially the young woman. Maybe that is what lots of individuals lack, the self confidence and positive self image to be themselves even when they’re clothed. My kids are grown now so my wife is much more accepting of my being naked round the home and in the yard. She grins at me and recognizes that when I have been able to lie in the sun nude for an hour or so, I’m so a whole lot more relaxed. She says, “If this is what it takes for you to be relaxed, I’m all for it”. What this means is that it is o.k. for me to be nude and have no tan lines.
She doesn’t particularly share my enthusiasm. For those who are readily able to be nude and free at home, the beach or the club, love that freedom. Not all individuals are able to experience that degree of freedom and love being comfortable in their particular skin, whether they are nude alone or with others.

I’m Geoff from Australia. I’m 47 now, but, like you, realised that I was a nudist once I was in my early teens.

I shared a bedroom with my 2 younger brothers, sleeping in the very best bunk of a bunk bed. Our house was quite small. I recall bathing with one of my brothers, Garry, right up to my early adolescents. My youngest brother, Ian, and sister Julie, who was younger still, additionally bathed together. At all other times, however, we wore clothing, though in the hot Aussie summers, it was often only short pants and undies. My sister always wore a shirt as well. None of my family were nudists, and my mum was from a strict Catholic foundation. I’ve never seen her nude.

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I do remember all of us lads and father showering nude in the dressing sheds at the shore, and how frequently there were men sunbaking nude in the open courtyard at the center of the dressing pavillion. I didn’t believe anything was wrong with that. When I was 12, I was at high school and my class went to the shore for an excursion. It was an all boys school. I recall one of my classmates (his name was !) taking off his swimmers and skinny dipping in a rock pool. I was not quite game enough to do that, but I did have a very powerful desire to swim bare.
While I didn’t swim bare, I did sleep nude. I’d wear pyjamas to bed, then take them away. They constantly appeared worn because I’d shove them down under the covers. I was never comfortable if I need to sleep in pyjamas.
I did not understand anything about nudism, and wondered whether I was strange or something, but I started to go nude at home when everyone else was out. I nearly got caught bare by an aged man who used to visit us regularly. I had really gone out the back door nude (it was early evening), and I had to dart back in immediately, close the door, and act like no-one was home!
Another thing I did was to go to bed after than anyone else. It became my job to lock up the back door during the night prior to going to sleep. I utilized this as the opportunity to be nude, even in the middle of winter. I adored being nude under the stars! Sometimes, I’d walk or run round the block nude (I’d have been about 15-17 when I did this). It was somewhat daring, going by the houses of all neighbours who understood me so well, with not a stitch on! The final stretch of the run was down the main road and round the corner into our street, and once I recall the driver of a car coming up the main road honking at me! That was a real rush – someone had seen me! I’d never had the courage (unlike other young people whose stories are on this site) to tell my parents I liked to go bare. At the end of my final year of high school, I turned 18 and went on a excursion for about 10 days with a number of my school mates and one of our teachers. We camped in the grounds of the local Catholic primary school and there were several beaches nearby. One night, wearing only a pair of Speedo swimmers, I went out by myself to one of . I quickly took them away, and ran into the water naked. It was amazing! I chose to remain naked after finishing my swim, and walked up from the shore to the nearby road. It was likely about 11pm, so I thought I’d go for a jog in the nude. I decided to put my swimmers down in a place I’d remember, so I could chicken out. It was such a buzz! Would you believe I accidentally jogged past the Police Station in the nude? Again, a couple of car motorists honked, but streakers were pretty common then!
I first went bare in front of others of my age at a nude beach when going to University, and that was generally a very favorable experience. It was also fantastic to see that there were girls who appreciated being nude too!

Let me introduce myself first, before presenting you my evolution to nudism. My name is Didier.

I am french, so please excuse me, my english can comprise some blunders… I’m 25, male, soon wed, and I’ve been living in French-speaking Switzerland for about 3 years now. I was born in a family, in which the concept of nudism itself is regarded as a pervert matter. Consequently, I hadn’t even learned about nudism or naturism before the age of 12. I’ve also never seen my parents, or any member of my family, nude.
So, why did I become interested in nudism ?
Everything commenced in 1991, in the summertime. I was then merely 12. I was at home, my parents were away, and I watched a report on TV, with a nudist couple, being married in the nude in the south of France.
I still remember some rather amusing things in this TV programme : everybody was completely naked, including all the guests and also the mayor of the village, but not the priest ! The husband was wearing just a hat and also a butterfly-node, and the partner only a wedding voile. This TV report interested me, and for the very first time, I thought about going bare…
The next night, I then attempted to sleep naked for the first time in my life. I didn’t sleep a lot during that night ! I was chilly, and wondered what could happen if my parents came into by bedroom and remarked that I was nude. But anyhow, I found it fairly great, since I felt uncommonly free (I usually slept in pyjamas until then). The day after, my parents were away again, and I tried to remain bare the whole day. As the weather was hot, it was a superb day. I did all the standard stuff in the nude, and this was exceptionally plesant. The evening, when my parents came back, I was quite depressing to have to wear my shorts and T shirt again. The drug of nudism had found me, and I’m still addicted to it !
But as I still dreaded the potential reaction of my parents, didn’t sleep in the nude every night. But from then on, when the weather was hot enough, I attempted to remain nude as long as possible when my parents were away.
Approximately one year later, I had abandonned my pyjamas, and I was slepping naked more and more frequently. One morning, my mother, who came every morning to wake me, found my pyjamas, and that I was slepping naked. But astonishingly, she didn’t have an extremely negative reaction. She was quite surprised, but after I had clarified her, that I could not bear pyjamas, T-shirt and chemise during the nighttime, she agreed with me and accepted my sleeping nude. The first victory ! The life continued so, sleeping nude, and staying nude at home whenever possible. Two years later (in 1994), I liked to strive to be nude outside for the first time. I ‘d the chance that there were little woods close to the building where we were living. With the other children, we were used some years before to go playing in these woods. One day (not particularily hot…), I went out, into these woods. I went back to the area where I played previously, and I took all my clothes off. During 1 hour, I walked in the woods, caring that nobody neither came nor could see me. The sensation of freedom was remarkable… I attempted to rekindle this encounter a couple of times, but , as it was too dangerous : if someone had seen me, I’d have been immediately denounciated to my parents…
During that period also, I tried to go without underwear. I did it a few times, but quickly stopped as, although I recognised it was more comfortable, I could not prevent my penis to erect at any time, and my erections were clearly seeable. I was naturally not comfortable with this, and abandonned the idea for decades. During the summer 1996, I made an important measure : I shown to my mom, that I liked to remain naked at home. One day, while she had gone away for a couple of moments, I went into the restroom to take a bath, but before, I wrote a little message explaining that, when I’d go out of the washroom, I would remain bare since I felt better like this.
When she came back, she first refused, but I told her that there would be no way that I’d swear because I did not like it, and she accepted that I remained nude. She revealed herself as being more open-minded than what I really could think… So, I spent almost one month naked, only swearing when my father was at home, and even, only when I stayed with my parents… The rest of the time, I stayed naked in my bedroom. It was one of the very best summers I’ve ever had !
Following this summer, I went to high school in Lyon (in ‘Classes Prparatoires’, a high-level scientific qualification after the ‘Baccalaurat’). I needed to share my room with 3 roommates, so I was prevented to sleep bare during one year, except during the week-end and holidays, when I came back home. It was the last time I ever wore something to sleep.
The year after, I ‘d my owm room, so I went on again sleeping nude.

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Since that time (June 1997), I slept non-nude less than ten times, because I just had to (sleeping at friends’home, during the military choice, or at hospital) During the summer 1997, the neighborhood TV channel broadcasted another programme, about a place near Geneva (called ‘Etangs de l’Etournel’), where naturist people were used to go. As this wasn’t far from dwelling (50 km), I went there on my bicycle. The first time, there were no nudists as the small lakes and seashores were overcrowded (it was the 15-August week end). But the next time, there was nobody… I stopped, installed myself in a little isolated grass area, and got nude. For the very first time in my entire life, I was bare in public, with other people who could see me. I enjoyed 2 wonderful hours. I went back there quite regularly during the next 4 years, with good experences, and much more awful ones…
For the good ones, I will mention that I Have meet my first bare women here :) I also spent many hours here, completely naked, reading a book or enjoying the silence along with the landscape. Lots of folks could see me, but noone had a negative reaction, as nudism was quite weel permitted in this area except during the week ends in the midst of the summertime.
But I also discovered, for the very first time, that nudism could also be associated to sexual perversion… A lot of queers are used to meet around these lakes, nor wait to attempt to have sex with any naked guy they see… I needed to reject them fairly frequently, and I had ordinarily no problem, but I finally stopped to go there when I met my girlfriend (and future wife), to avoid additional problems.
I tried to really go to plenty of other “nude places” in the area, but they were finally all gay meeting points. I did not go there again… In 1998, I settled in Grenoble, to enter an engineering school. For the very first time in my life, I had my own “flat” (in fact, a student room at the first floor, facing a street, with 3 neighbours). I started to remain bare here more and more often, only swearing for going out (in group or to ride on my bike), or to draw something in the common refrigerator on the balcony (1 for 4 rooms). When my neighbours were all away, I even could go out on the balcony in the nude.
I never had the nerve to tell my neighbours that I was a nudist, not understanding what their reactions could be : French people are very less open-minded as anglo-saxon ones towards nudism, and nudism is still like a taboo in France… So, during 2 years, I had to keep my windows closed, subsequently secluding myself a bit… I additionally documentated myself a lot about nudism on Internet in these times, which encouraged myself into going on practicing this “closet nudism”. The third year in Grenoble, I’d went into a larger room, at the 6th floor, whithout direct neighbours, so I remained more and more naked. I even began to do the cooking in the common kitchen in the nude (when there were nobody), or walk between my room and the showers in the nude. Consistently fearing to be found… In April 2001, on a very little scaling road with no traffic, I even tried once to ride on by bike in the buff, during about 10 km. That was a wonderful experience, but I did not have the opportunity to try once again…
My advancement in “complete nudism” went on in Lausanne. There is, not far from here, on the coast of Leman Lake, a little public beach, where nudism is let. It is there that I ‘d my first actual nudist experience in public, without fearing gay advances, during summer 2003. I really appreciated it, and I now wait for the heat once more to spend new great times on that beach, with my girlfriend, who I’m trying to convert to nudism additionally. A couple of months before, I determined once again that I wouldn’t wear knickers anylonger. I packaged all my panties in a bag, and kept them in an inaccessible place (except one chemise for absolute necessity cases). As my dick is currently much more quieter, there’s no problem at all, and I now never wear panties, under any kind of clothes, including jeans which I wear a lot of the time.
My girlfriend does the same, and does never wear panties either; though she is still not actually converted to nudism, she appreciates the comfort of not wearing any. So goes my nudist life, slowly but certainly. The following steps will be :
First, the conclusion of the conversion of my girlfriend (who’ll be my wife subsequently) to nudism; I know she will do it, as she is not opposed to this notion, but it’ll definitely take a great deal of time until she’s as comfortable with nakedness than I ‘m… Afterwards, spend vacations in nudist resorts. I am hoping this will become the truth next year. Well, that’s all; Thanks to all of the people who had the nerve to read my litterature until here

Last week I took advantage of the lovely

summer-like weather and headed down to the Acadia Beach, the Spanish Banks side of Vancouver’s nude beach.

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While Spanish Banks is cloth, Acadia Beach is formally signed as clothing-optional. I’d typically go some space along Acadia Beach to strip off, but it looked to me like I had the beach to myself so I took off my clothing just past the hint and sat down bare on a log to read my novel.

About 20 minutes after, a young man and girl within their late teens carrying a backpack came out of the seashore trail within feet of where I was sitting. I’ve discovered earlier from nude hiking that when you are nude and strike clothed persons, the top strategy would be to act as if nudity is the most natural thing in the world (which it truly is!)

It seems they had not been down to the nude beach before, and thought they were at the more well known Wreck Beach end. They’d passed the “Seashore Ahead is Garments Discretionary” signal and approached me to ask where the nude beach started. I pointed out that I was naked if that was any help, and that statement of the “just evident” resulted in several laughs.

They sat down on the log with me and asked me lots of questions regarding the seashore, if it was really legal to be naked outside on a public beach, how many folks were likely to show up, did everyone go nude, etc.

I answered all their questions and didn’t feel at all odd that I was sitting nude discussing with two clothed young individuals I ‘d never met before. As I say, they seemed nervous, but I don’t think it had much to do with my nudity.

They’d, actually, come down for the very first time to relish the shore together and had hoped to find off by themselves for their “first time”. The tide was quite a way outside and I suggested a spot maybe 200 feet down the shore, where they could have a patch of sand behind a log, and have access to the large sandbar jutting out in the water, without needing to navigate too many sharp stone, etc.

They set off with their backpack and I saw them stop where I proposed and wave back at me. They young man took off his shorts almost instantaneously (leaving his tshirt on for some reason), while his girlfriend stayed clothed for a little while. But soon after that, I saw the two of them walking hand in hand outside on the sandbar, naked except for flip-flops and hats.

I like to think that by acting matter-of-factly about being blonde beach when they approached me, not trying to cover up, etc., that I made them feel a little more comfortable about their first naturist experience together. And after all, isn’t that what got us all “hooked” in the first place? That first time nude outdoors?

The Sunday morning dawned bright and early and we had plans to check out of the apartment when possible

, catch some breakfast, organise some lunch and head to the shore before driving back to Brisbane and our flight to Sydney.
Nonetheless, we’dnt reckoned on this being the weekend of the Noosa Half Marathon and the Hastings Street area being closed down for this event. The agent we’d reserved through was right in the middle of the place and we ended up parking further away than our flat had been from the agent. This was our first barrier shortly followed by attempting to find somewhere for breakfast, which ultimately proved too challenging and we headed over to Sunshine Beach to snatch a few baguettes, fruit and take away coffee.
Talking to a few surfers while we breakfasted over looking the beach we also found that accessibility to Alexandria Bay was potential from Sunshine Beach and was a much shorter walk than from the Noosa side of the National Park. So we promptly headed off and found a parking space from this side of the park.
The walk in was shorter, only just more than 1km but had none of the dramatic scene of the Noosa side. Anyhow by 10:00 am we stepped out onto the shore and started looking for a space to settle for the day. To the right and south end of the beach there was already a group starting to form but it seemed to be mostly male and past middle aged so we headed back towards where we had camped the last day.
The site was easily located as the division Shani had stuck in the sand the preceding day was still there. As we stripped down Angela and I were immediately out of our clothes and settling out on our towels. Shani was still fully clothed and shuffling about in her backpack she then pulled out her bikini and draped it over the branch, then the towel was carefully laid out, she sat down and started to disrobe stopping when all she had on was the tiniest lace thong Ive ever seen. I asked her if she was really going to take that away, and she explained that she might get nude after in the day, if her confidence arrived again.
We laid there and sunned and chatted for about an hour before a swim was proposed, we looked up and quite a few people had assembled in our vicinity and along the entire beach. Shani stolen out of the thong and into her bikini bottoms, along with the three of us headed off into the water, Angela and I both naked. When we got out onto the sandbank the water was about waist deep and we stood there and crashed against the waves as they rolled in, shortly Shani removed her bottoms and tied them around her ponytail.
When we turned to return to land there was a line of five guys just standing on the waters edge watching us frolic. Not one of these guys had been there when we had entered the water and we’d have to walk past them to get back to our towels.
Lying in the gutter (the deep water between the sandbank and the shore) we waited for these guys to proceed before leaving the water. After several minutes this had not happened so Angela used her customary diplomatic fashion and hollered at them, Would you #$*%#ing perverts, piss off!
She had an immediate effect and the men scattered, enabling us to walk right up to our towels and settle back to some serious sunbaking. We had been settled for some time when a female voice interrupted our quiet.
It was the girl from yesterday, who’d been nude but her boyfriend had stayed dressed. She introduced herself as Sarah, from Melbourne and was asking could she sit with us. We didnt have a problem with and dialogue easily followed.

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It seems she and her boyfriend were having a ten day break and he’d suggested Noosa for the surfing and really enjoyed surfing in the very light bunches at Alexandria Bay. She had found the location suitably isolated that she’d started sunbaking topless and on their fourth day (yesterday) had determined that nude was wonderful.
We asked in case the boyfriend (I dont remember his name, but I believe it was Nick, Rick or Mick) had had a problem with her being bare. Sarah went on to explain that he had a problem with anyone looking at her and he considered she was getting nude to disturb him. Apparently Nick, Rick, Mick was surfing at Coolum that day and so she had walked in by herself expecting to find some female company and they would meet up later in the day.
Sarah didnt say it but it absolutely was apparent that possessiveness was a real problem between them. Anyway the day glided on and we watched people come and go, we had a few swims, the pervs stayed away from us, or at least remained imperceptible. The four of us remained nude for the remainder of the day and Sarah and I walked the length of the beach together, and shot a couple of photographs of the seashore respecting naturist picture etiquette. Sarah is 19 and unemployed and not studying and really doesnt understand what is happening with her life, except a vague strategy of marrying Nick, Rick, Mick when he completes his apprenticeship and moving to Queensland. This is a life plan I struggle to understand.
At three we packed up to head home. As we were flying and we remembered the second rule of travel (the one after consistently carry a towel) constantly wear fresh underwear we all had the new experience of getting dressed into proper knickers, on a beach surrounded by twenty or thirty people. I asked Sarah if she intended following when she got home and she said she’d, but I suppose it is just a vacation thing for her.
The trip home was uneventful except that Shani had burnt her bottom just at the top and her thong was rubbing and giving her hell, so in the Qantas Club she went into the bathrooms and removed the offending thing and flew home commando.